Are You a Liar and a Writer? Then the Liars’ League Leeds Wants Your Submissions by 6th March.

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We’re Liars’ League Leeds. We’re the northern cousin of London’s famous Liars’ League, and the transatlantic half-sister of Liars’ League New York City. Pleased to meet you.

Every month, we ask you – the people of the world – to send us your short stories on a given theme. Every month, we pick the ones we like best.  Every month, at a sparkling Liars’ League Leeds event, these chosen ones get the hell read out of them by our fantastic professional actors.

Writers write. Actors read. Audience listens. Everybody wins.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

This month, we’re after original short fiction of 800 to 2,000 words on the theme of ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’. As ever, that theme is yours to do with as you please.

Lollipop ladies in a gentlemen’s club? A gentleman’s personal gentleman and a lady of the night? From jury-boxes to jousting-lists, from public toilets to parliamentary protocol, hit us with your very best shot – just get it to us at by midnight on Friday, 6th March.

We tweet @LeedsLiars, are on Facebook at Liars’ League Leeds and have a website at:


Fiona Gell

Fiona is a lifelong reading enthusiast and book lover. Her career started as a bookseller and has never really veered away from the written and spoken word. It was a dream for her to be a founder member of The Leeds Big Bookend and the Northern Short Story Festival. She continues to be its Director.

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