Competition to win a copy of Perfect World by AJ Kirby

You can read what AJ Kirby has to say about his inspiration for his new novel, Perfect World and how it came to be written in this week’s blog, Remembrance.  Like what he has to say? Then you could win a copy of Perfect World by answering the question below, just in time for some holiday reading.

Perfect World by AJ Kirby

Perfect World by AJ Kirby


For your chance to win a signed copy of AJ Kirby’s new book Perfect World, simply answer the following question:

Q: Perfect World partly takes place in a multi-user virtual world which is reminiscent of the virtual world, Second Life. In Perfect World the currency is Credits, but what currency is used in Second Life?

Please email your answer to by 6pm, Tuesday 16th December.

 We will announce the winner here and on Twitter and Facebook. Good luck!

Fiona Gell

Fiona is a lifelong reading enthusiast and book lover. Her career started as a bookseller and has never really veered away from the written and spoken word. It was a dream for her to be a founder member of The Leeds Big Bookend and the Northern Short Story Festival. She continues to be its Director.

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