Krampus Crackers Competition, UK Launch

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04/12/2014 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Terry Whidborne © 2014

Terry Whidborne © 2014

Something is stirring in the shadows of Leeds. Something is sniffing the air, scenting the arrival of winter, and starting to make its way into the world. It moves soundlessly, saliva dripping from its fangs, its claws clutching birch rods that drag through the dust behind it. Krampus is coming, and you’d better hope you’ve been good…

Thanks to the wonderful Brisbane based publisher, Tiny Owl Workshop, Krampus will be unleashed on Leeds through a proliferation of Krampus crackers – Christmas crackers with a bang, each one containing a piece of flash fiction about the Nordic horned and fanged anti-St Nick, Krampus.

There are 12 stories in total, all written by UK authors, which will be encased in crackers and liberally sprinkled across Leeds cafes and bars, including Mrs Atha’s, Heaven, Sandinista, Friends of Ham, Leeds North Bar and Outlaws Yacht Club. You can search them out – for free – after December the 5th.

If you’re feeling especially brave, join nine of the Krampus authors, gathering against the darkness to tell their tales, at Outlaws Yacht Club on Thursday 4th  December from 7pm. This is a free event but please register your place here.

You might not want to come alone!