Through the Weather Glass, an Interactive Installation by Lucy Burnett, Saturday 4th June 2016 at Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds

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04/06/2016 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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What if we can’t solve climate change?  What if, instead of staring at our reflections in the weather glass, we travelled through everything we know about climate change and participated in the world beyond? Lucy Burnett’s hybrid novel Through the Weather Glass tells a fantastic version of the author’s struggles to understand environmental change through the persona of Icarus during a 2500 mile cycle to the Greek island where Icarus fell. This interactive installation version of the novel, combining a bike-generator, audio-visual display and a large set of willow wings, invites participants to pedal their own way through the weather glass and to craft some poetry wings to help Icarus fly!

Lucy says, ‘the aim isn’t to persuade people of any particular agenda regarding climate change, but rather to invite people to participate in thinking through what the evidence of environmental damage means. Too often people feel disenfranchised by the climate change agenda of targets and international conferences, or feel frozen by the apocalyptic stories that are told. This installation aims to bring the agenda right back down to earth, and to encourage people to think in playful, creative ways about how we can respond and move forward from here.’

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This is a free event, for one day only, at Trinity Kitchen in Trinity Shopping Centre as part of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival. Just turn up, have a go and see if you can make Icarus fly.

Lucy will be doing a performance of the entire film at 11am and 3pm.


Lucy Burnett is a writer-artist-performer based in West Yorkshire. She has two books, a poetry collection called Leaf Graffiti (Carcanet Press 2013) and a hybrid novel Through the Weather Glass (Knives Forks & Spoons 2015), with a new poetry collection forthcoming. Lucy teaches creative writing at Leeds Beckett University.

Find out more about Through the Weather Glass here: Lucy will be tweeting @lucyburnett14.