Indie Writers Fest Programme

For_the_Love_of_Words_Logos-02For the Love of Words

21st February 2015 | Leeds Trinity University

9 am


Refreshments, networking, indie bookshop

Arrive early and make the most of the day!

10 am

Welcome by Ray Lloyd – Pro Vice Chancellor Leeds Trinity University

Keynote: Three Writers Tales – with Dee Blick, Tricia Walker & Ann Victoria Roberts

The journey to self-publishing

11:20 am

Writing Challenge!

With Leeds Trinity University Creative Writing Lecturers Amina Alyal and Paul Hardwick – Launched simultaneously online and at the event, you’ll have until 2pm to submit your entry for this flash-writing competition

Refreshment & Writing break

imaginations at the ready!

11:50 am


Dee Blick – 20 Top tips on writing AND marketing a bestselling non-fiction book

With the power of self-publishing at our fingertips virtually anyone can publish a book nowadays on a shoestring. Having a bestseller on your hands is not easy but it is attainable for sure. It comes down to a heady mix of investing your time and energy in crafting a fantastic book before you start on that all important marketing. In this friendly and informal break out session Dee will share her 20 top tips with you. Discover how to plan and structure a great non-fiction book – one that showcases your expertise or passion and helps you become a genuine person of influence with your readers and others. And learn some cheeky insider tips on how to market your book without spending a penny!

Tricia Walker – From Book to Film

“The exciting world of agents, execs and movie development”  – Tricia will give a reading, and a more in-depth look at how her self-published book became a film – a look behind the scenes and between the lines of one author’s journey from her keyboard to filming on location in Thailand.

Self-publishing secrets & successes

1 pm


Find a table with a topic you want to chat about

2 pm

2 pm


Dan Ingram-Brown – Stories from the Forests of Leeds

Join Daniel for a workshop that will draw on ideas from a year long project, imagining Leeds as a forest in a fairy tale. Help discover the characters that dwell in this parallel city. Be part of creating this alternate map, inventing some its stories. The project will result in the publication of a book of short stories, packed with tales from the Forests of Leeds. Some of what we create in this workshop may well find its way into the book . . .

Martyn Bedford – Stepping into Character

People are at the heart of a good story but how do we make them come alive on the page? In this characterization workshop – aimed at prose-fiction writers – we will discuss this vital tool of the storyteller’s craft and use short-burst and more extended writing exercises to help us step into character.

Ned Hoste – You CAN Judge a Book by its Cover

Aim: To understand how mainstream publishers approach book covers – so your indie book can compete.

Part one: A talk about book cover designs using cover designs from my portfolio to illustrate the ideas

Part two: Working with a given cover outline – start thinking how the cover may look. This exercise will help you make the visual decisions you need to make when briefing your own cover

Part three: Discussions around part two and general Q&As around design for publishing.


3:10 pm

Plenary Panel and Prizes

Our writers, publishers and marketers will all gather in the main conference area to answer any final questions you have for them, and our judges Ann Victoria Roberts, Amina Alyal and Paul Hardwick will present the prize for the day’s writing competition.


4 pm

Close and After Hours Activities (see Encounters Board on the day)

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