Leeds Lads Open Rehearsal at the Leeds Big Bookend Festival 2016

Last Sunday, Red Ladder Theatre held a rare open rehearsal for Leeds Lads at Central Library, Leeds as part of the Big Bookend Festival 2016. We were delighted to welcome the 40 strong community cast of local performers and musicians joined by Leeds Rhinos and Great Britain international Rugby League player Jamie Jones-Buchanan for his debut appearance on stage. You can read more about it here.



Coinciding with the centenary anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, Red Ladder Theatre Company, Carriageworks Theatre and Leeds Civic Arts Guild present new play Leeds Lads, with words and music by Anthony Clavane and Nick Stimson.

A young woman’s journey into Leeds’ secret, inspiring past.

It’s 2016. Tara stands on the steps of Leeds Town Hall on the day the city commemorates the Leeds Pals at the Battle of the Somme. She holds in her hand her great grandfather’s medal for bravery. Why should Tara care about the past when the present seems so bleak?

Celebrate Tara’s story as she discovers the sacrifice of her forefathers and how these have moulded the community that surrounds her today.

Breathing life into the characters of Leeds’s past, this vibrant production transports you from the turmoil and tensions of war, to the rich and multi-cultural city we know today. Leeds Lads is a new play about the people of Leeds past and present – their fears, their love and their friendships, performed by the people of Leeds today for the people of Leeds.

It opens this Friday (17th) at the Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds until 25th June. You can book your tickets here.



Fiona Gell

Fiona is a lifelong reading enthusiast and book lover. Her career started as a bookseller and has never really veered away from the written and spoken word. It was a dream for her to be a founder member of The Leeds Big Bookend and the Northern Short Story Festival. She continues to be its Director.

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