The Big Bookend

Shell Shocked Britain by Suzie Grogan

A Short History of Shell Shock by Suzie Grogan

‘Shell Shock’ is a term that is used loosely now. A lottery winner is ‘shell shocked’ at the size of their win, or a footballer similarly affected having scored the winning goal in a...

Birds of the Nile by N.E. David

Why do writers write? By N.E. David

I regularly buy The Daily Telegraph – once a week, on a Saturday. Not for its political opinions I hasten to add, I’d be just as happy to read The Independent, although I usually...


Morley Literature Festival on now!

  The ninth Morley Literature festival launches today with a programme of exciting events that will appeal to all ages. In addition to their adult, family and schools programme, 2014 introduces events specially aimed at budding young writers...