Local Author Daniel Ingram-Brown Launches New Children’s Book, The Nemesis Charm, at the Big Bookend Festival 2016

They say only the dead can cross a Threshold, the dead and those who have faced a Nemesis Charm

A02CD2520065476281A9AB97F485F6CCThe Nemesis Charm, the second book in Daniel Ingram-Brown’s series for children aged 8-13, will be launched at Waterstones in Leeds on Friday May 27th from 7-9pm, at the start of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival. The launch of the Nemesis Charm follows the success of the first book in the series, Rise of the Shadow Stealers, which Juno Magazine praised as a “rollicking adventure.”

The launch will be an evening of readings, conversation and live music. Daniel will be in conversation with producer and theatre director Dick Bonham, of Little Mighty. You are invited to come and toast the launch of this exciting new book. Daniel has spent the last few weeks touring schools across the country, speaking about The Nemesis Charm, but it is apt that the book launches in Leeds as much of it was written in the city and one of Leeds’ best known landmarks, Kirkstall Abbey, features in the book.

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When Apprentice Adventurers, Fletcher and Scoop, discover their mother has fallen under the curse of a strange sickness, they prepare to sail for its source, a Threshold, a doorway to the world beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary.

But they are not the only ones seeking to cross the Threshold. Their old enemy, Grizelda, has heard that beyond the Boundary lives a woman with the same power as the Storyteller. With the help of a monster made with an undead heart, she plans to cross the Boundary and steal that power for herself. If she succeeds, the Academy, the island and everything in Fletcher and Scoop’s world will be hers.

978-1-78535-285-0 (Paperback) £7.99 $12.95

978-1-78535-286-7 (e-book) £3.99 $6.99


Review for The Nemesis Charm

I loved this book! The world created by Ingram-Brown is so creative and whimsical. The plot is thoroughly engaging… Would I recommend ‘The Nemesis Charm’ to a teen? Most definitely (I’ve already recommended it to several pupils I teach). Would I recommend it to an adult? Without a doubt. I cannot wait for the next instalment! My rating: 5 stars ~ Jo, My Little Library In the Attic


It has been a really long time since I have gone on such a fun and action packed adventure… This book is filled with magic, excitement, and pirates. It’s a really fun story that will keep the reader engaged until the very end. I think that this book does have a wide appeal for Middle-Grade readers. So with a bit of a push I think it could become an EXTREMELY popular series both in the UK where it is published, and in other countries as well. ~ Kaitlyn, Bookish Lady Blog

A fast paced adventure that will whip you up into turning the next page. I liked it so much I lent it to my fantasy junkie friend who was staying with me for the weekend. He disappeared into it immediately and I saw no more of him for the whole visit. It’s generally a good sign! ~ Caitlyn, Well Written Too Short Blog

From the first page I was entranced… The author writes with such ease and his descriptions are beautifully worded… I grew incredibly fond of the characters. Should You Read It: Yes, you should! Everyone loves a good fantasy/adventure series. It will be a big hit with kids, and with adults who can appreciate the classic literary acknowledgements… This series has my stamp of approval. ~ Emily Ann, That Weird Girl Life Blog

The real strengths of the book are in the world Ingram-Brown has created and in the characters of Fletcher and Scoop. If you like your stories with a dash of pirates, adventure and just a touch of blood magic (and who doesn’t?) then you should definitely give this a read. ~ Bethany, Wardrobe Spare Oom Blog

About the Author

Daniel Ingram-Brown lives in Knaresborough, England, in a house built from stones from the town’s ruined castle. He has written a number of plays and is currently Artistic Director of Suitcase and Spectacles Children’s Theatre. He leads projects that explore how stories shape us, discovering what mark they leave on the places we live. Daniel enjoys running workshops and giving author talks for schools, libraries and at festivals. He is interested in exploring philosophical and spiritual questions in fun and engaging ways that inspire children to think and to wonder.

Website: https://danielingrambrown.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanielIngramBrown

Twitter: https://twitter.com/daningrambrown and https://twitter.com/Firebirdchrncls

Other books by Daniel Ingram Brown

The Firebird Chronicles: Rise of the Shadow Stealers, published by Our Street Books in 2013

978-1-78099-694-3 (Paperback) £6.99 $11.95

978-1-78099-693-6 (e-book) £3.99 $6.99

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