More Top Tips For Your Stories For Our WW1 Writing Competition From Judge, Susan Burnett

There’s only one week to go until our WW1 Children’s Writing Competition closes. Here are some more top writing tips, this time from judge, Susan Burnett in what she’s looking for in the winning stories.

Susan headshotTo me a good short story conjures up vivid images, so I can see the characters and where they are, in my mind’s eye. There is plenty in the First World War for you to draw on, so I will be looking out for stories that cover more than just the trenches and the fighting. For example it would be fascinating to read about the politicians making fateful decisions; or about those who opposed the war; or the scientists developing the use of gas; or the engineers designing and testing the first tanks and submarines. It doesn’t have to be from the Allied perspective either; it was, after all, a world war.

I will be looking out for a story that challenges or surprises me and leaves me thinking, long after I’ve finished reading. Most of all though write a story about something that interests you – and bring it to life using your imagination.

I am looking forward to reading it already! Entries close on 14th October so don’t delay!!

Susan is the best selling author of On That Day I Left My Boyhood Behind.

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