Napkin Story: ‘Trick or Treat’ by Colin Stathers

Colin Stathers is our next Napkin winner, with his spooky Halloween-themed story ‘Trick Or Treat’.

Trick Or Treat


The word never left his lips.  Only the muffled sound of rummaging, somewhere close by, pervaded the night air.  He wanted to run, but fear paralysed his every muscle.  His hands still burned from whatever was in the trickster’s jar and his clammy garments clung uncomfortably.  He tried to stifle his breathing, fearing his pursuer would hear and discover his hiding place.

Silence!  Hardly a sound followed.  An occasional crack; a sort of swishing; a grunt or two.  Something was circling his hideaway, closing in.  He shuddered, vowing that, if he survived, he would be more careful.  The demon he had released had already left its mark.  The fiery pain in his palms testified to his curiosity.  He had been warned, but thought he knew better.  Now, he was paying the price.

Still he dare not call out.  Who would hear?  In his darkened seclusion, he remained safe – at least, for the moment.  Someone would miss him.  Someone would come looking.

A mighty crack split the air and a deafening roar made him jump.  His hideaway shook violently.  ‘Aaaahhh-aah’ he screamed, with as much menace as he could muster.  In panic, he burst out of his refuge and into the path of his stalker.  ‘Aaaahhh-aah’ he screamed again, but it was too late.  Strong arms seized him in an instant.

‘Gotcha, you little rascal!’

‘Dad!’ he yelled.  ‘There’s a monster in the shed!’

His father laughed.  ‘That’s not a monster, it’s the washing machine.  Time we bought a new one by the sound of it.’

The four year old breathed a huge sigh of relief.  He squeezed his father tightly.

‘What was in that jar?  My hands really hurt.’

‘Heat rub cream.’ His father could not suppress a chuckle. ‘Too much of it and it’s very hot.  Perhaps next year, instead of trick, you should try treat!’

Colin Stathers, author of 'Trick or Treat'
Colin Stathers, author of ‘Trick or Treat’


Colin Stathers works with small businesses as a freelance trainer and mentor to their office staff, sharing his knowledge and skills in the field of accountancy.

Born, bred and living in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Colin spent a deal of time in Leeds whilst his daughter attended university there.

A chance Google search introduced Colin to Eleanor Fitzalan, a medieval lady married to Henry Percy (of Alnwick Castle fame). Out of his research, Colin discovered intrigue and mystery, Templar knights, outlaws and a king’s secret all set within the East Riding of Yorkshire. A novel was born, details of which can be found here.


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