Q & A with N J Ramsden by Halima Mayat

Big Bookend team member, Halima Mayat, interviews West Yorkshire author of short-form fiction, N J Ramsden, on his writing and reading habits, and his most recent publication Nothing’s Oblong. What inspired you to write Nothing’s Oblong? I always wanted to write

On Happiness and Unhappiness by Richard Smyth

Philip Larkin

This week, Richard Smyth examines the interplay of happiness and unhappiness in literary work, and what draws people to read melancholic writing. I’m writing this on the International Day of Happiness. Happiness has a complicated

Make 2014 an eventful year!

You may or may not have stumbled across a page on our blog called Yorkshire Literary Festivals & Book Fairs… Why not kick off the new year with a literary event or two? We have

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