Alphabet Club 2015

Director Jamie Fletcher is curating a Queer Book with support from LCI and The Leeds Big Bookend Festival.

We would love you to be involved!

We are looking for essays, pieces of text, poetry, stories, artworks, photographs and pictures for inclusion in the book.

Over the last few years Jamie Fletcher has been working on The Dancing Bear Trilogy, a series of experimental films, challenging talks and theatrical performances that aim to engage different audiences (particularly Christian communities although not exclusively) in conversations about LGBTQ issues.

Dancing Bear – Trailer (On Tour 2016) from Jamie Fletcher on Vimeo.

This new book, The Dancing Bear Trilogy presents Alphabet Club Book will sit alongside this project and will be published in Feb 2016 in time for LGBTQ History Month. The book will feature a range of stories, poetry, essays, photographs and artworks about gender, sexuality and different faith perspectives.

“The book will be a fabulous collection of art and text representing and reflecting the diversity of people who identify as LGBTQ as well as those who support LGBTQ rights and equality.

I think the book will be also be a great resource for schools, different community groups and faith organisations as a way to challenge stereotypes and negative perceptions of LGBTQ people.”
– Jamie Fletcher

It is incredible to have so many wonderful guest contributions from a range of fantastic artists, writers, academics and theologians including:

Playwrights: Kieran Hurley and Emma Adams

Poets: Matthew Bellwood and Jamal Gerald

Theologians and Authors: Reverend Simon Hall and Noel Moules

Academics: Leigh Greenwood and Nina Kane

Visual Artists: Dave Robbins AKA 13, Jude Woods and Fox Fisher

Musician and Vlogger: Isley Reust

Activist and Campaigner: Peter Tatchell



Here’re a few themes to get those creative juices flowing…

We exist!: The visibility and normalisation of LGBTQ people in a heteronormative world.

Faith & Sexuality: Repellent religion and the attraction of faith. Your personal faith journey.

Queer identity: Beyond the binary

Everyday struggles and hidden problems: issues that LGBTQ people face frequently and often on a daily basis

Download the form for submissions here

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